Umass Amherst Student Agreement


    (Added July 22, 2020) This agreement is part of our plan to reopen for the fall of 2020. All students who wish to be on campus during the fall semester to live or access physical resources must sign this document. We expect the government and local guidelines to evolve over the course of the year. If it is necessary for the same or similar agreement to be in effect beyond the fall of 2020, the document will be updated and students are invited to re-sign. This week, Chancellor Subbaswamy shared his plan to reopen for the autumn semester of 2020. The report and the included FAQs give an idea of what campus life will look like in the fall, and more information is added when departments, programs and schools and colleges complete their individual plans. As part of the plan, any student who returns to campus – either to live in residences or to access physical resources on campus – commits to signing the UMass agreement, a series of behaviors to support the health and safety of themselves, colleagues, faculty, staff and the local community. We ask every student to make this personal commitment to protecting the health and safety of our community. Please read the UMass agreement, share it with your friends, relatives, legal guardians and families and discuss it with others trusting in your life. UMass is committed to inviting students to campus in a way that creates as safe a community as possible. It is up to you to decide to make the same commitment to our common well-being. When students assess how they want to continue their studies at UMass this fall, it is important to understand that campus life will not be something resembling normal college life.

    We certainly understand that not all students want to live or spend time on campus under such conditions, and no student will be required to do so. We understand that students weigh different factors in decision-making. To support this process, the return period for students to cancel their apartment without penalty has been extended until July 12 at 11:59 a.m. .m. The reopening of Amherst`s public schools to all primary and secondary classes has been postponed by 14 days, meaning that high school students will not be in classrooms until the end of November. We recently shared with you the UMass Amherst Agreement, which outlines a number of behaviours that support the health and well-being of our campus community. All students are expected to follow the policies and policies of COVID 19 of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local, government and federal physicians, and the university. All students are expected to sign the agreement. More information about the deal, including an updated FAQ, is available online. You must send by email to cancel the test. If you do not do so, you will not be able to register for another test until after the original test date expires for seven days.

    No, all student organizations use virtual media to hold meetings. Residential Life employees will enable virtual C.R.R.(Campus Remote Units). In small groups, students have a structure to register, share weekly, how to make a wellness assessment, define a wellness plan and inform your CRU of the maintenance of these activities each week. The letter also refers to other Massachusetts colleges and universities that have already set clear and strong expectations for disciplinary consequences for uncertain meetings and the language they use, such as students and student organizations that commit infractions may “wait” for suspension or loss of recognition. The UMass Amherst Community Agreement is still in effect after the university`s decision to provide only campus housing for students enrolled in large face-to-face classes. Students are also expected to serve as active spectators “for the well-being of me and others: