What Is A Contract Of Carriage Agreement


    The transport of goods in international transit has been standardised by international conventions. These requirements ensure consistent enforcement of rules and laws. To lighten your freight transportation procedures, you can count on a company that specializes in logistics consulting and transportation so that they can take responsibility for the establishment of the transport contract as well as the stages of shipping and shipping the goods. With this service, you can ensure that nothing has been neglected in the transportation contract, that the carrier has a good understanding of the terms and conditions and that it will comply with the terms of the contract. Under section 1237/3 of the CBT, if the B/L refers to the charter portion of the trip, a copy of that charter portion will be represented as a transport contract in the event of approval of the bill of lading to the new holder. In this case, the provisions of the charter may be followed against the holder of the B/L if the nature of these provisions permits. In other words, the charter part should be added to the B/L and submitted to the holder of the B/L. Under section 1237/1 of the CBT, the Legal Affairs Bill regulates the relationship between the carrier and the owner of the car letter. This means that the third-party owner of the car letter is only related to the contents of the car letter and that the conditions provided in the transport of the contracts do not apply to the carrier of the car letter. On the other hand, the relationship between the carrier and the charterer is in accordance with the provisions of the transport contract.

    So, if the bill of lading is proof of the transport contract, then what is the promotion contract..?? That is the question that is in the minds of many of us in the industry, and I will try to address that here. A bill of lading becomes a promotional contract if it is awarded to a person who does not participate in the travel charter, as this creates a new contract between new parties. If the bill of lading does not contain references to the chartering party or vice versa, this could be considered as two separate contracts between the same parties for the transport of the same goods, meaning that the two parties could conflict. Traditionally, a transport contract is concluded before a bill of lading is issued and the transport contract provides for clauses such as below, which stipulate that the shipment is subject to the conditions of the car letter.