Cibc Personal Account Agreement


    5 Stop payments for pre-authorized debits/recurring payments that have been configured with CIBC Advantage debit card details are excluded. To stop the payment, you must contact the invoice reseller/recipient directly to ask them to pay your account charge (s) through your CIBC Advantage Debit account. If you can`t fix the problem, CIBC may be able to work with Visa to request a refund for you. You will find information on activating a dormant (inactive) account under The Faeths. 2. Other agreements: This contract complements all other existing and future written agreements you have with us, as well as any conditions or disclaimers that will be provided on our website. For example, there are a large number of additional conditions and disclaimers in other agreements that govern your use of accounts and services. If there is a conflict between a clause in this agreement and another written agreement with us, the duration of the other agreement applies to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict. 37. Notifications: Mobile Banking and My Messages allow you to get automated alerts (“alerts”). Alert messages can be sent securely to My Messages (a “secure warning”) via email, phone, SMS, automatic notification or any other unsecured method (an “unsecured warning”). From time to time, we can add new notifications without notice or adjust old notifications by posting a notification on the website 30 days in advance. We may include specific and confidential personal data in secure alerts and unsecured alerts, and you expressly support the use of your confidential personal data by our services.

    A CIBC account is considered dormant if you haven`t initiated a transaction for 24 months. Sleeping accounts that receive a monthly statement are automatically converted into quarterly accounts. 51. Hardware and software: To use CIBC eDeposit, you must receive and expect your costs from time to time, as we have indicated. Current hardware and software specifications are available in CIBC is not responsible for the third-party hardware or software you may need to use CIBC eDeposit. This hardware or software is accepted by you because it is subject to the terms of use that you enter directly with the third party at the time of downloading and/or installation. Note: Outgoing transfer fees are calculated in Canadian currency. For foreign currency transfers (including U.S. accounts), the corresponding fees are calculated in the same currency as the account that uses an exchange rate set by CIBC on a date set by CIBC. Bank account (using the statement of account form) 46. Data protection: From time to time, you agree to collect, use and disclose your personal data, as described in CIBC`s privacy policy.

    This includes your name, address, date of birth, CIBC credit card number and other basic information about you so that credit alerts can be sent to you if some important updates to your Equifax Canada credit file are available. 11.E-Mail: Emails sent over the Internet are not safe and can be lost, intercepted or modified. Unless otherwise stated in another written agreement that you have entered into with us, you agree that we are not required to accept or exchange instructions that you provide to us by email. If you send us confidential information via email, we will not be liable if it is lost or intercepted, altered or hijacked by another person.