Upon Our Agreement


    If you do not agree with an amendment to the agreement, you must notify us in writing within 30 days of sending the change. If you give us this message, your subscription will continue to be submitted under the terms of the agreement before the amendment until your next renewal date, after which the current terms, which will be published under legal.hubspot.com, will apply. However, if we are no longer able to provide you with the subscription under the preconditions for the change (for example. B if the changes are required by law or resulting from general product changes), the contract and/or subscription services concerned will be terminated after our notification to you and we will immediately refund all prepaid but unused fees covering the use of the post-termination subscription service. 3.6 VAT. All fees are tax-free, which we could collect. You agree to pay all taxes that apply to your use of the subscription service and the provision of consulting services. They are not responsible for taxes based on our gross or net income. If you are in the European Union, all VAT-free fees are included and you declare that you are registered in your Member State for VAT purposes. On our request, please provide us with the VAT identification number under which you are registered in your Member State. If you do not provide us with a VAT identification number before your transaction is processed, we do not issue refunds or credits for the VAT charged.

    If you are subject to the GST, all fees include exclusive TDPs. according to our agreement is the most popular phrase on the web. You will compensate us, defend us and compensate us and our related companies at your expense of claims, lawsuits, lawsuits or proceedings (an “action” each) brought against us by a third party not related to us or our affiliates (as well as our senior executives, directors, employees, agents, service providers, licensees and affiliates), to the extent that this action is based on us or our affiliates, or are born of us, or to defend you at our expense and to stand free of any action brought to you (as well as your senior managers, directors, employees, representatives, providers, licensees and associated companies) by a third party who is not related to you, as long as this action is based on (1) a claim or that the subscription service infringes a valid patent in a member state of the patent cooperation contract. , registered trademark or registered copyright (“IP exemption”) or (2) our breach of our privacy obligations or our use of customer data in violation of this Agreement (“Confidentiality and use of malicious data”). 3.1 Subscription fee. The subscription fee remains fixed for the first period of your subscription, unless you exceed (i) your maximum contacts, emailing limit, user or any other applicable limit (see “Limits” section above), (ii) you update basic products or packages, (iii) subscribe to additional features or products, including additional contacts, or (iv) to other provisions in your order. We can also reduce your costs after written notification. You will find all the information on how to adjust your fees under the specific conditions of the product. 4.4 Dismissal for cause. Any party may terminate this contract for any reason, with respect to all subscription services: (i) after thirty (30) days of reporting a substantial infringement of the other party if such a violation remains inoperative after the expiry of that period, or (ii) immediately if the other party is the subject of a bankruptcy application or other proceeding in connection with insolvency, termination of activity, liquidation or transfer to the benefit of creditors. .

    2.7 Customer support. You will find information on the customer support conditions applicable to your subscription under the specific conditions of the product. 10.3 Limitation of liability.